Good to meet you! We are Middle Mouse, a company that aims to spread a little joy and know-how with beautiful, thoughtful greetings cards.

Middle Mouse began in 2018 with an idea by writer Paul Peacock and his daughter, illustrator Rebecca Wright. This idea was rooted in the world of book publishing, and was about getting information out there, information that entertained and informed. With over twenty books on gardening, cooking and self-sufficiency under his belt, Paul knew his stuff, and with many more illustrations for books, corporate customers and hospital murals, Rebecca’s experience as an illustrator made them ideally placed to have this idea. The idea was simple: why send a card, when you can send so much more?


Soon, our Pot Plant greetings cards were born, with Rebecca’s illustration on the front and Paul’s words inside. Shortly after this, the Cardlet was born too, offering so much more than just a card. Our first one was inspired by the perfect weekend by the riverbank had by Ratty and Mole, and with Paul and his wife Diana’s delicious recipes, a cute birthday card became a truly memorable keepsake from a loved one.

Unfortunately, our lovely Paul passed away in 2018. While we miss him every day, we are proud and so pleased to continue his legacy through Middle Mouse. His words and knowledge will continue to feature in our products.


We love telling stories and believe greetings cards do just that. Whether you’re giving someone great news, wishing them good health and happiness, or telling them you’re there for them, greetings cards play an important part in spreading goodness. We believe this ethos should be accompanied by beautiful designs, fantastic quality print, beautifully tactile paper products and that Middle Mouse ‘something extra’. It’s those innovative additions, recipes and gardening tips, or useful little things that make the card you send to your loved one that bit more special.

Ynys Badrig, commonly known as Middle Mouse is the most northernly tip of Wales and is a beautiful and uninhabited island. Legend says that St Patrick was shipwrecked there, eventually swimming ashore to Anglesey and founding Llanbadrig church in around 440AD. This beautiful spot is one of our favourite places in the world, and is the inspiration behind our company name.

We are passionate about our environment, and with such beautiful places as the view of Middle Mouse Island, who wouldn’t want to protect them for future generations? As such, we are moving towards being plastic free by sourcing fully biodegradable cello bags, and use only high quality recycled paper stocks or FSC approved paper sources. We are working with our suppliers to use vegetable inks and recycle all our waste wherever possible.

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